kissing boys and eating icecream.

Went to the movies on Friday.

It was my first first date in six years.

I haven’t been that nervous in, well six years.

We talked for ages, he is very goofy, I don’t mind that. We had the most awkward goodbye hug ever. Think step brothers. oh yeah I am that cool.

It’s cool I made up for it by initiating the first kiss. It was nice, but no sparks. no fireworks.

That’s probably not a good sign.

Saturday night went out clubbing with a couple of friends, and ran into the date.

My exact reaction. EXACT. Then I walked away, to the bar, then the dance floor. Not two words were shared. Fuck I am bad at this.

We have been messaging each other, covering my arse mostly. I am slowly learning how to do this, how to date and talk to boys.

How is it that I have no freaking idea how to talk to someone who likes me or takes me on dates?

What the actual fuck?!?!?